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Designer’s Guide to Graffiti Fonts

The Dark Side of Design: Tim Burton’s Artistic Flair 

5 Tees for the Grammar Police

USA vs Notre Dame: Tackling NCAA Trademark Rivalries

Auburn vs Bama: Tackling NCAA Trademark Rivalries

Ohio State vs Michigan: Tackling NCAA Trademark Rivalries

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Experts _ University of the Sciences_ Us and Them_ Exploring Imaginary Borders with Dr. Eric G. Bing

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  • Editing, writing, and formatting articles for clients who went on to submit and land articles on publications like Inman, RealtorMag, and many more.

  • Propery/Listing Descriptions for Reators, Website Copy (Landing/Buyers/Sellers Pages) Available upon request.

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The DIY Guide to Bridal Showers

  • The Schuylkill Valley Journal

Why Mark Twain’s Judgments Work

Under Your Boot Soles in Camden: Happy Birthday Walt Whitman

April is the Cruelest Month: A Poem by Darcy Cummings

“Saving Mona Lisa”: In Like A Lion

A Best Guess at Love: A Poem by Paula Marafino Bernett


Nonfiction: The Gully: Remnants of a Railroad

Nonfiction: Walt Whitman’s Grave Concern

Flash Fiction: “Tackle”

Creative Nonfiction: “Back Through the Rifling”